Community & Economic Development

“We need to work to make sure that we are training people for the jobs that are currently vacant. We can accomplish this by investing in innovative workforce development programs within our community as well as identifying and strengthening public-private partnerships. We have the ability to leverage more resources to create the infrastructure we need to attract employers”


Legislative Updates

I believe that we should invest in our neighborhoods by creating more access to opportunities and increase safety all around. I have introduced legislation that will dismantle speed traps and unfair fines in areas around Columbus’ communities. I will continue to fight for this initiative locally and statewide.

I have supported legislation that aims to protect individuals against discrimination practices that could affect one’s livelihood. It is imperative that our friends and family feel a sense of inclusiveness in our communities.

I have signed onto legislation that supports equal employment policies. Such policies are the basis for a more equitable working environment and necessary to eliminate gender disparities within the workplace. I believe wholeheartedly that women should earn the same as their male counterparts.

I am a strong advocate of minimum wage reform. I have co-sponsored legislation, HB 86, to increase the minimum wage in Ohio to $10.10 per hour; the people of our great state need a sustainable and living wage.



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